Katerina Roukouna

For the past thirty years Katerina Roukouna is concerned with the design and the manufacture of handmade jewels. She has taken part to handmade jewel exhibitions at the Thessaloniki International Exhibition, to exhibitions in large Athenian hotels, to  collective EOMMEX exhibitions,  and she has also exhibited in Spain, in the context of the European Women Entrepreneurship, with creations inspired by the Greek tradition. Her jewels are also available in stores in the Greek islands and in Cyprus. She often travels abroad, visiting European museums and exhibitions.


Katerina has studied the art of jewelry and gemology. She acquired her gemology diploma in 1987, by the Gemological Association of Great Britain. She has also attended lessons on the evaluation of precious stones (pearls, diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, opals, topazes, corals, ambers, tourmalines etc.) at A. Rϋppenthal’s workshop in Idar Oberstein, Germany.  She studied the ways of authentication, evaluation and separation of genuine and reconstructed synthetic and imitated gemstones. The metal she uses in her work are silver and gold.

The magical world that Katerina is dreaming of is apparent in the jewels that she creates. What she is seeking is to offer to the women or men who wear her jewels the energy of love and the joy that she herself feels when she creates them.

Katerina Roukouna opened her first store in 1982, at a very young age, at Zografou district in Athens. Two more stores followed, in the same district. She is a member of the Athens Commerce and Industry Chamber. For the past fifteen years she holds her workshop and store in 8, Georgiou Zografou Str., in Athens, 15 722, phone no: 210-7704022.

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