Gemology is the science that deals with the evaluation and certification of the precious stones and the organic and non organic materials that were used by humans from the prehistoric times until today, to create objects of art, devotion and decoration.

The gemologist deals with the study of the natural and chemical properties of the materials under evaluation, such as the specific weight, the light refraction, the diffusion, the hardness, the crystalline structure etc.

These properties can be measured and specified by the use of special instruments.

The natural precious materials are divided into minerals and materials of organic origin.


As the 90% of the precious materials are products of the mineral kingdom, a great part of the required knowledge is derived from the fields of  Geology and Mineralogy. Chemistry plays a very important role in the study of the precious stones and helps in their separation from the laboratory compositions (synthetic rubies, emeralds etc.) and the various imitations.

Moreover, for the precious materials of organic origin, i.e. pearls, corals, ivory, amber etc., is also necessary a knowledge of Zoology, Biology and Botanic.

The gemstones cutters and the stone sculptors must also have a general knowledge of gemology, because in this way they can comprehend the issues of crystallography, directional hardness and optics.

A gemologist has to have a livelong information and awareness, due to the constant manufacture of new imitations and synthetic materials in the international commerce, as well as the discovery of new precious deposits. And this is one more reason for the fascination that the science of gemology exerts.


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